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Lake Lillinonah : Nearby Activities

Lake Lillinonah in New Milford offers a range of watersports and family-friendly activities, but the surrounding area has plenty of other attractions worth exploring. Here’s a guide to some activities near Lake Lillinonah that visitors might enjoy:

Hiking and Nature Trails

Lovers Leap State Park

Located in New Milford, this state park offers beautiful hiking trails with stunning views of Lake Lillinonah and the Housatonic River. It’s an excellent spot for a scenic walk and a great way to experience the area’s natural beauty.

Harrybrooke Park

This public park in New Milford features walking trails, gardens, and open spaces. It’s ideal for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Historical Sites and Museums

New Milford Historical Society & Museum

Located in downtown New Milford, this museum showcases the area’s rich history through exhibits and artifacts. It’s a great place to learn about the town’s past and its role in Connecticut’s history.

Art and Culture

Silo at Hunt Hill Farm

The Silo is a cultural center that hosts art exhibitions, cooking classes, and musical performances. It’s an interesting spot to explore the local arts scene and participate in creative workshops.

Shopping and Dining

Downtown New Milford

Downtown New Milford offers a variety of boutique shops, antique stores, and local restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely shopping experience and discover unique items or dine at one of the many eateries in the area.

Farms and Orchards

Rogers Orchards

Located near New Milford, this orchard offers seasonal fruit picking, including apples and peaches. It’s a fun activity for families and a great way to enjoy the region’s agricultural heritage.

Golf and Recreation

Candlewood Valley Country Club

This public golf course in New Milford provides an enjoyable golfing experience with well-maintained greens and fairways. It’s suitable for golfers of all skill levels and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

These activities near Lake Lillinonah in New Milford offer a diverse range of experiences for visitors, from outdoor adventures and historical exploration to arts, culture, and local shopping. With so many options, families and individuals can easily find something to enjoy in the area.